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Welcome to Ino Edukacija, Study Abroad Center

Every year, we welcome new and returning students from our partner institutions who grow and progress through various programs around the world, where they learn about other cultures, educate themselves, connect, and create great experiences through adventures and learning. With us, you can go through every level of education - from summer language courses for elementary school students to serious applications for undergraduate and Master's studies. It is our pleasure to see you grow and return to us for advice and assistance in your next important life step.

The partner institutions we represent are carefully chosen, and every year we complement and change the list of our partners because we want the best experiences for our students. Our service is known for its efficiency and accessibility. Ino Edukacija works throughout the year, providing a wide range of assistance to clients: counseling and program selection, career guidance, application documentation preparation, submission of applications, Ino language school and SAT preparation, court interpreter, assistance with visas and accommodation, mentorship, and administrative support throughout the entire application process. With offices in the heart of Belgrade, we work with students of all nationalities living in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, or Montenegro, as well as with our diaspora, as all our services are available online.

My entire career has been dedicated to the development of excellence and accessibility in international education in this region. Our team understands that everyone should have the opportunity for academic mobility because such experiences bring global understanding, ambition, and inspiration to young minds. That's why education abroad is a unique experience that you can afford yourself or your child, an investment that always returns manifold through quality of life and career success. 

Ana Marija Koppert, Director

Ino Edukacija is an ICEF accredited agency

As with every year since 2016, Ino Edukacija proudly holds the ICEF status and the title of the largest Serbian agency for education abroad. ICEF is a global service accrediting quality agents for education abroad, and Ino Edukacija has been enjoying its support since 2016. Every year, we participate in ICEF-organized conferences and seminars to enhance our skills and maintain standards of service towards students, schools, and universities. ICEF consistently monitors agents through market research and communication with educational institutions to ensure which agencies operate according to industry standards and adhere to ethical and business codes.

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What do we offer?

Language courses abroad

From the age of 6, it is possible to attend junior camps and summer schools, with programs tailored to younger or older children. Great Britain, Italy, Malta, Austria, Germany, France, Spain, the USA. Courses are available throughout the year for older participants who want to learn a language abroad for business purposes or for pleasure.

High schools abroad

From the age of 14, students can choose to attend one to four years of high school education in America or Europe. Options include American J1 State Department exchanges, EU exchanges, or prestigious boarding schools in Great Britain, America, Switzerland, and other European countries. Ino Edukacija is here to advise you on how to plan your future and make the right choice.

Universities abroad

More than 150 partner universities worldwide, with a focus on Europe and vast experience with various applications for studies and scholarships abroad. What sets Ino Edukacija apart is the submission of applications to both partner and non-partner universities, readiness to help every student, and address every challenge. Be in safe hands.

Professional orientation

Ino Edukacija is a licensed center for conducting the award-winning American Harrison Assessments professional orientation, which is an excellent tool for academic guidance as well. It can be conducted in English language. The results and report you receive at our center are based on individual candidate responses and more than 2.5 million previously conducted tests, which are compared together at the Harrison headquarters in America. The candidate first takes the test online, following global standards and personal data protection. After the test, they receive a 30-page report about themselves and come to Ino Edukacija for interpretation of their results, and the discussion in English can be conducted live, via Skype zoom or Skype. The report is available in English, Russian, German, French, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Bahasa language. The report is in 20-40 pages, detailed, personalized, and surprisingly accurate. In addition to listing potential occupations, it also highlights the candidate's personal strengths and areas for improvement and further development in behavior. 

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