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Professional and academic orientation

Ino Edukacija is a licensed center for conducting the award-winning American Harrison Assessments professional orientation

This is an  excellent tool for academic guidance as well. The results and report you receive at our center are based on individual candidate responses and more than 2.5 million previously conducted tests, which are compared together at the Harrison headquarters in America. The candidate first takes the test online, following global standards and personal data protection. After the test, they receive a 30-page report about themselves and come to Ino Edukacija for interpretation of their results, and the discussion in English can be conducted live, via Skype zoom or Skype. The report is available in English, Russian, German, French, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Bahasa languages. The report is in 20 pages, detailed, personalized, and surprisingly accurate. In addition to listing potential occupations, it also highlights the candidate's personal strengths and areas for improvement and further development in behavior.

After professional orientation, you receive a clear and written insights into:

  • Your own talents and weaknesses
  • Professions that best suit your inclinations and skills
  • Areas in which you need to improve to achieve top results in your desired profession
  • You will create concrete and realistic academic and professional goals and a plan on how to achieve them.

Please schedule your professional orientation in English here:

Psychologist of Ino Edukacija Mia Brailo and MrGordana Kolenko, regional Harrison Assessment Quality Control Coach at Study Abroad. Fair 2022.

What does a professional orientation test look like?

Professional orientation is a test that you receive at your email address. The test takes about 20-60 minutes to complete, and each question has provided answers that you sort based on what applies most to you and what applies least. No completed test is ever the same.

After completing the test, we receive a thorough report on your characteristics, virtues, and flaws, which our team members interpret and discuss with you in a pleasant conversation, aiming to empower you and help you better understand yourself after this discussion.

What does a Harrison Assessment report look like?

  • Report on the person's strengths

It provides an overview of what you excel in and what you enjoy doing or living. It measures 175 traits through which your values and personal priorities are identified, as well as thinking and behavioral patterns that are comfortable and natural for you, which can also be changed for a more successful career.

  • Career development

This report provides information on how to best advance your career and lists tasks that fulfill you, interests, social skills, desired work environment, inclination towards decision-making and leadership, as well as the degree of your motivation. By looking into these areas, you will find it easier to orient yourself towards your strengths, as well as those you would like to further develop, aiming for greater satisfaction in your work and success in your job.

  • Career choices

List of occupations and the percentage of enjoyment in them. The report compares your preferences with over 680 career options, offering different occupations based on the level of education, from high school to doctoral. It provides information that will prompt you to explore professions you haven't even thought about before.

  • Academic bonus

All future students who take the professional orientation test together with the report also receive a list of universities and study programs abroad where they can study for the desired profession.

Who is the professional orientation test intended for and what is the price?

Professional orientation is intended for everyone who wants to better understand themselves, work on their traits, and gain a more comprehensive insight into their career choices and preferences. The minimum age is 14 years.

The price of professional orientation is 18,000 RSD (150 EUR), and it includes:

  • Harrison online test
  • Complete Harrison report in 3 parts that remains with you
  • Meeting with a team member and detailed interpretation of the report
  • Plan and counseling for further skill development
  • Academic bonus

Please schedule your professional orientation in English here:

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